Howard B Hicks died on November 28th 1944 in the fields between Immendorf and Beeck (near Geilenkirchen), Germany. As part of the US 279th Engineering Combat Battalion – Company C, Howard was helping the 84th Infantry Division during Operation Clipper with deactiving minefields, when he stepped on a undetected mine. He was killed instantly.

Beeck and Immendorf are situated 25 miles North East of Aachen. On the map you see Beeck. Immendorf is a few miles to the South.

Both maps above are from the book The 84th Infantry Division in the Battle of Germany, written by Lt. Theodore Drape.

According to the Nelson County Public Library document Howard was killed ‘outside the town of Beck, Germany, close to Gerlenkirchen‘. This probably is Beeck near Gelsenkirchen. The Report of Burial document mentions Immendorf as place of death. Immendorf is only a few miles from Beeck. So we can assume that Howard was killed in the fields between Beeck and Immendorf.


Near Beeck there is a small monument for the fallen soldiers in November/December 1944.

Original German text : Zum Gedenken an die gefallenen deutschen und amerikanischen Soldaten im Kampf um Beeck Nov / Dezember im Jahre 1944

English translation : To commemorate the fallen German and American soldiers in the battle for Beeck Nov / December in 1944

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